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Imaam Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalaani – rahimahullaah – said:

It is reported from Abu Saheed Al Kudri radiyallaahu anhu- who said – The Messenger of Allah -salallaahu alayhi wasallam said:

“There are two characteristics which are not combined in a believer; miserliness and bad morals.”

Transmitted and recorded by Imaam At-Tirmidhi in his “Sunan”#1962 with a weakness in its chain of narrators. Imaam Al Albani declared the hadith to be weak in Da’iful Jami’u #1119.



The hadith shows the importance of the following:.

1. It discourages miserliness. A miser is one who does not spend on himself and his family according to his means, and also he does not spend on any charitable purpose. Miserliness has been condemned in many verses of the Qur’an and some authentic ahaadith.

Allah says in suratul Al-Imran, Verse 180:

“And let not those deem, who are niggardly in giving away that which Allah has granted them out of His grace, that it is good for them; nay, it is worse for them; they shall have that whereof they were niggardly made to cleave to their necks on the resurrection day; and Allah’s is the heritage of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is aware of what you do.”

And Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah salallaahu alayhi wasallam said:

There is no day wherein a servant gets up at morning but two angels come down. One of them say: O Allah! give the charitable man success. Another say: O Allah! give the miser destruction.

2. It condemned bad morals or manners. One of the most important aspects of a Muslim’s life is to have high moral standards. The messenger of Allah salallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam
said: “The best of you is the best among you in conduct.” Transmitted by Imaam Al-Bukhaari and Imaam Muslim

3. Lastly, there are many verses and authentic hadith with similar meaning of the above hadith. For this, it is not allowed to work with a weak hadith even though its meaning might be good and sound. In other word, the meaning tally with the meaning of an authentic hadith.

Although, there are different of opinion of scholars on this issue. But the most correct and soundest opinion is that weak hadith are not used at all and no any legislation can be derived from it because the hadith is weak. And moreover, Allah suffice us with many authentic hadith, then no need for the weak hadith. And we brought this hadith because of our presentation of Bulugul Maram.

Allaahu A’alam!

Baarakallaahu feekum!


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