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Ibn ‘Arafah Ad-Dasuki’s Al-Haashiya

Imaam Muhammad bn Ahmad bn Arafah Ad-Dasuki Al-Maaliki

Without a doubt, the Mukhtasar of Imaam Khalil is by far one of the best masterpieces of the Maliki School. It was received with excellence by all the Fuqahaa of this school from all of the Muslim lands and rendered into commentaries.

Of its best commentaries is Ash-Sharhu Al-Kabir written by the Pious Imaam Ahmad Ad-Dardir rahimahullah.

The Maliki Fuqahaa pitched their tents on this Commentary and taught it to themselves, emphasizing its importance and expounding on its intricacies until the Polymath Imaam Muhammad bn Ahmad bn Arafah Ad-Dasuki Al-Maaliki authored the Haashiyah which were Footnotes and a completion and perfection of the Sharhu Al-Kabir.

Muhammad bn Arafah Ad-Dasuki rahimahullah was a Sage and a Polymath who excelled and was prominent for his deep rootedness in Fiqh, Aqidah, Usul, Tawqit and Hisaab. He was born in the City of Dasuq and studied from its body of Scholars. Later, he moved to Qaahirah where he studied in the Azhar University the bastion of Ulamaa and Learned Ones.

Ibn Arafah Ad-Dasuki left this world 1230 years after the Hijrah after leading a life full of sacrifice, erudition and dedication to Knowledge Gathering and Teaching…

The Haashiyah is an important masterpiece and a source among the sources of Maliki Fiqh. The Student of Knowledge cannot do without it…

Barakallahu Fikum
Jazakumullahu Khayran


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