The Sharī’ah of Allāh

Concepts #11

The Sharī’ah of Allāh

Allāh created man, fashioned his life and placed him on Earth that he inhabits it on His behalf and take the charge of superiority over the other creations that live the earth with him.

But Allāh has not left man to live without a purpose, without a goal, and without a guide.

Rather, He sent man His Messengers and His Books that they may serve as a guide for man and teach him His Commandments and the Way of Life He has chosen for him.

The compilation of these commands, these Laws, these Dos and don’ts is what is called the “Sharī’ah”. It’s an Arabic word that defines road, path, ship, and designed pattern.

This is why contrary to the thinking of some Muslims, the Sharī’ah of Allāh is that Way of Life that He has commanded us to live by as was legislated to us by the Rasūl -salallāhu alayhi wasallam.

This Way of Life entails relationships with Allāh in what is the ‘Ibādāt worships that we do, the like of Salāt, fasting, Hajj, Zakāt and it’s likes.

This Way of Life entails relationships with our environment including fellow humans, animals, society and non-living surroundings. This is seen in the Rules if trade, transactions, contracts, animal rearing and environmental hygiene such as the forbiddance to pass urine into non-flowing waters.

This Way of Life also entails the Laws with which societal disputes are treated some of which are capital such as the judgement on the thief, the losing of which is his hands, etc.

It’s not permissible for the Muslims to leave that with which came the Messenger and refer to that which was promulgated by the West.

Why should we do that when Allāh said he has perfected His favours upon us in Islām and been satisfied with it for us as a Way of Life?

Bārakallāhu fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran.

6th Shawwal, 1440AH.


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