The Right and Authority to Make Laws

Concepts #4

The Right and Authority to make Laws should be reserved as a prerogative of the One Who created Man. This is very logical.

Otherwise it can be said: what gives superiority to some men over others to make them the Law-Makers over others? Aren’t they equal beings created by One Creator through the same means?

For men were created by Allāh, few men making laws over them is an enslavement of their beings. Why should that be when the Creation was made by Allāh?

On its basis, the establishment of the Laws of the Creator over the Creation is a binding ‘Ibādah upon the Creation. And the absolute submission without reluctance or question to such ‘Other Laws’ in places of contrary directives as to that if the Creator is of the various many forms of Shirk: the association of partners with Allāh.

We should take heed…


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