The Pleasure of Allah #2

Concepts #7

The Pleasure of Allah #2

Life’s overall aim for man is to get happiness and rest of mind. So said the Historian Imam Ibn Khaldun and the Dhāhirī Allāmah Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusī.

It is true. We see that all of man’s struggle in this mundane world is to attain happiness and peace.

I prefer to call it fulfillment and tranquility.

Some people earn their tranquility from Zina-committing, alcohol consumption and partying.

Others, from the watching of movies, the lyrics of music and the rhythms of dance.

Yet, others will just be happy, at peace and rest when they have money to cater, to feed, to shelter – their wives, and children better… Can they have some money in the banks and a home and car too? They cater.

For its sake they gather wealth and toil tooth and nail all their lives.

But there are a people whose fulfilment, happiness and joy is tied only to Seeking the Pleasure of Allah.

For its sake they live, work and sleep. They marry for it, cater and shelter their kids for it…

Their inner peace, tranquillity and satisfaction comes from it…

May we be of them, for they are the successful ones.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran


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