The Pleasure of Allah #1

Concepts #6

The Pleasure of Allah #1

When man restricts himself within the limits set for him by Allāh his creator and refrains from going beyond them, he declares himself obedient and dutiful to his Lord. His Lord is pleased with him in commessurate to his level of dutifulness, love and obedience.

This is man’s ultimate goal in life: that he earns Allāh’s Pleasure.

Know O beloved one, that this Pleasure is never lost once earned. For this reason, the Beleiver’s Ultimate Goal in life is to earn it.

Will we be of the Pious Servants of His that seek it?
Will we be of His Most dutiful Servants that earn it?

Struggle hard to piety in pursuit of Allāh’s Pleasure…

Bārakallāhu fīkum


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