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Imaam Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalaani – rahimahullaah – said:

It is reported from Abu Hurairah radiyallaahu anhu- who said – The Messenger of Allah -salallaahu alayhi wasallam said:

“ From the sign of man’s good observance of Islam (his piety) is to leave that which does not concern him.”

Transmitted and recorded by Imaam At-Tirmidhi in his “Sunan”#2317 and Imam Al Albani declared the hadith to be sahih in “Assahiha Al jaami’u”#5911.



1. It indicates that one should not bother others by interfering in matters that do not concern him. But rather, one should busy himself with what will benefit him in this dunya and hereafter. However, if you happened to meet a meddlesome person, you should avoid the person as much as possible. Make sure you did not upset him in the process, for it is disliked to upset a fellow Muslim unnecessarily.

2. It discourages one from asking others about an utterly worthless matters. This means, one should not be asking detailed questions about people’s affairs. It suffices one to hasten to rectify his deed so that he can be among the successful ones on the day of qiyamah (judgment day).

3. It shows that it is disliked for one talk too much in matters that has no benefit surrounding it. However, discussing in length matters that has to do with the deen(religion) is encouraged and desirable. In fact, in some cases, it is obligatory upon the scholars to make some clarifications on ambiguous matters. In such a case, keeping silent or not explaining to details is disliked and abhorrent.

Allaahu A’alam!

Baarakallaahu feekum!


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